spanish summer campAs Spring approaches, your child has probably already changed their mind multiple times on what summer camp they want to get involved in. Last summer they were into soccer, and this summer they have their heart set on swimming. The first thing that comes to mind is most likely sports or hobby camps, but this summer why not get your child involved in a camp where skills learned can be applied in the real world? The number of Spanish speakers in the United States continue to grow which is encouraging more people to learn the Spanish language. Whether there is a child with a Spanish speaking background that wants to enhance their skills, or a child completely new to the language, Spanish summer camps can help expand your child’s skills in areas beyond just foreign language.

Cognitive Development

Did you know that problem solving skills are used when learning a foreign language? These skills can then be applied in furthering grammar skills, critical thinking and mental creativity. Young children that are knowledgeable in foreign languages have also excelled in standardized testing against their non-foreign language learning classmates. If you believe your child would be interested in learning Spanish, start as soon as possible. Younger children are at a learning advantage where information is absorbed and internalized easily making recalling information almost automatic. With dedicated practice and time during the summer months, your child can start building Spanish speaking skills that can contribute to the overall success in school and developmental growth.

Interactive Learning

Attending summer camps with one on one learning and engagement can be more beneficial to children rather than online courses that may leave children frustrated and confused. Real engagement in foreign language courses can help to better understand the student’s needs, allows the instructor to give professional feedback and even identify learning strategies that work best for the child. Socializing with other students also to ensure the language is being practiced through fun dialogue. Children attending Spanish summer camps are also in an environment where they are exposed to the language for more hours in the day rather than just 45 minutes during a regular school day. Many students forget information during the summer, making it difficult to catch up with curriculum. Having your child participate in a Spanish summer camp allows for practice and repetition, which is essential for remembering information.

Skills for The Future

Children in a diverse environment are constantly interacting with individuals of other ethnicities. Attending Spanish summer camp can prepare children to reach out to other Spanish speakers, helping to establish a more diverse environment.

The mission of LISTO Spanish Summer Day Camp is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children explore our world through engaging activities that incorporate language, culture, arts, science and games. The day camp is designed to serve elementary school age children from Katy and surrounding areas.
We offer a dynamic program in which culture and language is celebrated and taught. Students of all levels are
encouraged to attend. For more information on registration, see below or contact us at 832-592-9264!

Summer Day Camp

Who: Ages 5-10

When: Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM- 12:00PM

Date: 06/13-08/12/2016 (9 weeks)

$180 per week (9 weeks) – $35 Registration fee per family