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How can translation services benefit you?

How many times have you tried to read the manual for a new product that was manufactured in another country and been flustered, even confused, by the lack of clarity in the translation? Did it make you more or less likely to buy another product from that manufacturer? The fact is, a bad translation equals bad customer service. It’s a mistake no manufacturer can afford.  Listo’s Translation Services can help!

Choosing the right translation services company:

As our economy becomes increasingly global and more and more manufacturers are choosing offshore solutions, choosing the right translation service is more important than ever. In a multilingual environment, manufacturers must learn to provide clear internal communications as well as technical translations in order to maintain a high standard of quality.

In addition, as you begin to market your products in other countries, it is critical to provide clear instructions that each audience can understand. LISTO Translating Services & More LLC is a language company that offers your company the necessary tools to effectively communicate with your fellow employees and customers in their language.

We are members of the ATA (American Translators Association) and we have established many quality processes in order to ensure a perfect translation every time, and deliver it in a timely manner. All of our translators are native-speaking, educated, full-time professionals who only translate material in the subjects in which they are experts. This ensures we maintain our status as a leading translation company.

We Specialize in:

Medical translation

Technical translation

Legal Translation

Web Page Translation

Professional translation

Safety and Health Translations

Educational Translation

Certified Translation of your official documents


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