Interpretation Services

In a global marketplace, clear communication across borders is essential.

You need a professional, experienced, native speaking interpreter or translator who is adept at communicating the nuances of another language and culture.

At Listo Translating Services & More LLC we offer a full range of interpreting services using a trained team of professionals who interpret in many languages.

We assist companies of all sizes and industry sectors by offering a specifically tailored interpreting service so that you can get your message across in multiple languages.

Our qualified interpreters provide onsite and remote services, including telephone and on demand video remote interpreting.

Our interpreting services are available for consecutive or simultaneous assignments in many languages for:

Conferences, conventions and seminars

Medical appointments

Business meetings

Court Hearings

Negotiations and mediations

Arbitration hearings

Media broadcasts

A wide variety of other interpretation needs

Simultaneous Interpreting is often used for international conferences, critical business discussions, seminars, symposiums and court hearings. The source language of the speaker is translated into the target language, which is delivered to the audience without pause by the interpreter through headphones. There are normally two interpreters who swap every twenty minutes, and are separated from the conference or event by a sound proof booth, through which they can still see the speakers.

Consecutive interpreting is used for business discussions, negotiations, contract exchanges, commercial discussions, legal, technical or engineering discussions, medical or court hearings or on site inspections. The interpreter listens to the speaker, often making notes, and delivers the meaning in the target language. If a speech is delivered, the interpreter may wait until a pause or the end, at which point they deliver a translation relatively quickly.

All interpreters are U.S.-based and native speakers of the target language. Start requesting interpreters today. Contact us for a consultation.


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