On-Site Corporate English Classes

Do You Need to Dramatically Improve Your Spoken and Written English?

Our On-Site Corporate English Classes are designed for professionals who wish to dramatically improve their spoken and written English in a short period of time.

On-Site Corporate English Classes

Is this the right class for you?

Whether currently required to use English on a daily basis, suddenly called on to interact with English-speaking clients, or facing the need to make an important presentation, professionals attending this intensive training will develop the skills they need to conduct business with confidence and effectiveness. Areas of study in our On-Site Corporate English Classes Program include making presentations, participating in meetings, conducting negotiations, and writing business documents.

Here are some reasons why learning English is so important:

  • English is the most commonly used language in the business world. When different nationalities meet together to do business, English is the most commonly used language to communicate in. If you can’t speak English in today’s world, you are at a significant disadvantage compared to those that can.
  • You need professional support to learn English.
  • As a result of the  British Empire English was widely exported all over the world, and is still the official language of many countries today.
  • Jobs are always available for people who speak English.
  • If you can speak English you will finally be able to understand the words in your favorite  films, and the lyrics in your favorite songs!
  • Learning English will help you to make new friends wherever you travel in the world.
  • English is not only the international language of business – it is the international language of the arts and science industries too.

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