Spanish Classes for Healthcare Professionals

Spanish Courses for Healthcare Professionals yields proven results!

The ability to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients is crucial. Limited English proficiency (LEP) Hispanics currently make up 20 percent of the patient population in the United States, and the US is rapidly becoming a dual-language nation.

If you don’t have the time to devote to learning the rules of Spanish, don’t worry!

You don’t need to be a Spanish linguist to communicate with your patients, but you do need to know how to communicate with them. Through a simple customized and interactive approach, LISTO Spanish classes for the healthcare professionals will help you master elemental and basic conversational Spanish so your limited-English-proficient patients will understand you. By offering an early introduction of basic words and phrases along with multiple drills for mastering key health-related words, health care professionals and students will feel confident communicating with their Spanish-speaking patients and clients.

This 36-hour course is designed to prepare professionals in the health care and medical fields to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and better assist them in gathering patient histories, medical insurance, and other important information to provide optimum medical attention.

Conversing with your patients in their native language can help you build trust, meaningful and long lasting relationships with each patient.

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