Bilingual Painting & Art Classes

Listo´s Bilingual (English-Spanish) Painting & art classes for Elementary Students

We introduce our new Virtual and Face to Face Bilingual Painting & Art Class

When the arts are integrated in the early childhood curriculum, children are given the opportunity to express their emotions, explore their imagination, and develop a new skill for life. Children have the freedom to express their ideas, and inner feelings and thoughts through their creations.

Our theme bilingual painting classes are designed for ESL and Spanish as second language students continue practicing their language skills by connecting through the culture and art.

Each class features a unique theme, where students learn different Spanish phrases and vocabulary words related to the theme.  Some themes include: Latin American Culture, famous painters, Aboriginal, crafts, and more.

Target Age: 3-12 years old

Timing requirement (each class): 1 hour

Location: TBA

Class Sizes: Each class shall need to accommodate between 20 (virtual) or 20- 30 students (onsite)


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