Most of the guidelines new employees are required to follow are in the form of an employee handbook. This is usually used as a tangible resource for new hires to constantly refer to with information about what is expected of them. Now, imagine if you hand this to a new employee and they cannot understand what it says completely. They might be able to get the gist of what handbook says, but some important details may be left out unintentionally and will cause future issues.

Here’s what you have to remember:

Sometimes, Spanish and English translation does not come across the way it is intended and can be confusing to people who only know the basics.

Did you know that an employee that speaks Spanish can turn to lawsuits if they are provided an Employee Handbook that they cannot read in English? In order for the new employee to have a clear understanding of the guidelines about the company, it is recommended for the company to get their employee handbook professionally translated to avoid any misinterpretation.

Some benefits of getting your employee handbook professionally translated are:

  • An experienced translation company will know the right choices of wording and style
  • Can be used as a valuable communication tool between employee and employer
  • Will minimize conflict within the workplace due to lack of understanding

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