Langauge Service, Corporate Spanish, Translation Services

You may not realize how many sales, or clients you are missing out on because of language barriers. Whether it is English or Spanish, people feel most comfortable speaking and discussing things with individuals that understand them. If businesses were better able to communicate with those who speak another language, they would feel more comfortable using your business.

Securing Contracts

A Spanish speaker who knows little English, is more likely to seek out businesses that speak Spanish. Expressing your needs, concerns and questions to someone who does not understand your language is extremely frustrating. Not investing in learning a second language can be the reason you may not secure a contract or business with a client. Business to client communication must be clear, and dialogue needs to be understood always. Businesses are sometimes misconceived by the idea that since most entrepreneurs in America speak English, their clientele will speak English. Because of this, opportunities to make sales and gain new clients are lost by limiting your outreach. If your target audience is mothers in Texas, your business is only appealing to the mothers that speak English. Investing some time and effort into learning another language can make all the difference, and introduce new business opportunities.

Business Abroad

Traveling abroad on business is a large investment primarily due to expenses. It can be a better investment if the traveling employee was able to communicate with people from the country they are visiting. Communicating with natives on the most efficient transportation, networking opportunities, or hotel services will lead to better insight and hopefully saved funds. Businesses can even feel more comfortable offering promotions overseas or starting a satellite office to help expand the company. Also, understanding the foreign language while traveling for business in hopes of securing a deal increases chances for negotiation.

International Business

Foreign trade and international business greatly impacts our economy. Being able to communicate better business deals, opening trade opportunities and gaining international business and clients all help to grow our businesses and American economy. Knowledge of a foreign language allows you to better respond to foreign clients’ needs.

Avoid Passing Up Talent

Communicating effectively with your own employees is a huge component on how your business will run. Don’t pass up the opportunity to hire great talent for your business because of a language barrier. Also, offering language training can lead to better employee collaboration and team work. Employees that can communicate well, can share ideas and work together towards company goals. Language barriers separate employees resulting in little team work.

Being able to offer services and support in a foreign language already puts your company ahead of the competition. The more individuals you can communicate with; the more business opportunities you have available. Nelson Mandela once said, ‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” Companies that foster diversity, and invest in eradicating language barriers illustrate their desire to truly concentrate on client needs. If your business is looking to provide Spanish language lessons for your employees and business partners, we would be happy to help.