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Translating Services & More LLC.  is a language company that provides multilingual language services to help you and your staff overcome the language barrier! Our language professionals are experienced in providing high-quality translation & interpretation services, and English and Spanish specialized for business and/or individuals.
Roxana Heredia - Listo Translation Service
Roxana Heredia has been using education in language professionally for ten years, having worked as a Spanish bilingual teacher for 10 years. A native Spanish speaker, Roxana Heredia, earned a B.A, in Spanish from The University of Houston, and a Master’s degree in Public Relations from George Washington University. After working for many years as a Spanish bilingual teacher, Roxana used her teaching and language skills to fund or create Listo Translating Services & More LLC. In her role at Listo, Roxana manages a large network of translators, interpreters, editors, proofreaders, as well as the overall translation workflow methodology and interpretation assignment planning. She ensures that the right people, processes, and resources are applied to each project. Her goal is to help people break down any language barriers they may come across in order to enhance their personal and professional lives.
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